Get Involved With the Enterprise Systems Group

The Enterprise Systems Research Group at York University is joined by Undergraduate, Master’s and Doctoral students from both the School of Information Technology and the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at York University.

We welcome outstanding new students from disciplines within Computer Science, Information Systems, Business as well as behavioral and cognitive sciences. Interested candidates for graduate school are encouraged to skim through our research pages and publications and the current PhD and Master’s projects to get a sense of the work that we do. Undergraduate students of York University interested in a volunteering, paid or for-credit work should have a look at Undergraduate projects.

Graduate Students

Graduate students can join the Enterprise Systems Lab as MAIST (School of IT) or CSE students. You can apply to either or both the corresponding departments, depending on your interests and background. In your “Statement of Interest/Purpose” please indicate your interest in our group and/or the specific research area. You may also contact us directly if you need to learn more or just communicate your interest. Note, that inquiries about the application process, deadlines, formal requirements etc. should be directed to the program(s) to which you apply.

Undergraduate students of York University can check for opportunities below and apply as indicated.

Undergraduate Opportunities

There is currently a number of ITEC4000 – “Independent Research Project” opportunities for undergraduate students of ITEC. Please check the project listing in the School web pages.